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The Center for Digital Arts, in UCLA's School of the Arts & Architecture, is a cooperative school-wide venture devoted to exploring the new convergence of digital media and expression within the arts. more

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UCLArts Triple Header
8 June 2001

All of us in UCLA Digital Arts invite you to a once-a-year triple header this Friday, June 8 from 3 - 6 pm. In one concentrated period of time you will be able to see innovative and exciting student work on the second floor of the Wight (including video projects from several departments across the School), the 5 pm opening of the always engaging Design|Media Arts graduate show on the first floor of the Wight, and the Fusion:01 project in the Wight Lobby.

A hot jazz quintet from the UCLA Jazz Program will be playing outside the Wight during this time. We will serve our usual refreshments. Come and enjoy the sights and sounds and see what we have been up to for the last year.

Robert Winter
Director, CDA

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Video Shorts

Created by Design students
working at the CDA

Editing with Final Cut Pro @ the CDA

Written by Mark Eby and John Bishop


CDA Fall 2000 Class Schedule

WAC Movements animated gifs created by John Bishop and students.

random postings from the discussion boards

"I want the viewer to be confronted by themselves, where they are left to contemplate their relation to their own identity and how others might view them." thornboy

"If you think that graffiti is now a welcome aspect of the general mainstream, then you don't know much about graffiti." jasper higgins

"This film was very open. I sensed a bit of a discussion happening for the camera's sake, for the people behind the camera and for the people in front of the camera. It was an interesting moment, actually, I found it quite brilliant. " carrie ann 1

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