video shorts

student work from Design 153 taught by Professor Mitz Kataoka

flamenco by henry lopez III


final rays by brian fell

kung fu movie in la by freddie sulit


2 teachers by freddie sulit

kelly painter


dinosaur wrangler by henry lopez III

serendipitious observations


los angeles by jason

student work from Design 155 taught by Professor Gail Swanlund

motion 1


student work from Design 156B Time and Motion in Virtual Space
taught by Professor Jennifer Steinkamp, Jennifer Pierce, TA

duct tape by alan stuart


desolute darkness by amanda hammond

NHL Hockey by Clifford Chan


strange world by debra issac

fly through by joaquin lippincot-ames



swim by mike spasoff

prepared for the web by scott gruber. designers: If there is short text blurbs you would like to add please send scott an email.



did you work on digital arts at the ucla school of arts and architecture? we invite you to present your work/play at the center for digital arts open house. please email us so we can schedule a time for you to present.

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